Digital art is the creation of art in a digital space. It can be defined as the mimicry of traditional art using digital tools and painting software. Multiple applications are available which allow artists to create stunning drawings. What makes digital painting better than traditional painting is the fact that mistakes can be undone at any point during the creation of the art. The availability of a wide range of brushes and colors makes digital art a very interesting hobby and a lucrative career path.

Let us take a look at the basics of digital paintings, how they are created and what tools are needed for creating them.

Digital Painting Software

  • The most important tool needed for creating digital art is the digital painting software. Think of it as both the canvass and the painting tools needed for creating art. With digital art being on the rise, multiple applications and software have been introduced, each of which features different tools and layouts. Some of these software can be downloaded on your tablets or phones free of cost.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fresco, and Krita are some of the most popular software for creating digital paintings. To create innovative and beautiful digital art, it is important to understand the basic tools featured by all these software.

Paint Brushes

Think of digital paint brushes like the ones used in creating traditional art, except that digital paint brushes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The opacity of the brushes can be tailored which allows the artist to create different textures. Digital paint brushes enable you to do the following:

  • Sketch out a drawing
  • Color the drawing
  • Add texture and other details to an existing drawing.

High-end software are also equipped with a pencil, airbrush, ballpoint pen, and Copic tools. These tools help you create fantastic art.


  • An artist worth his salt knows how to describe the mood of the painting and connect with the audience just by playing with colors. Colors not only add visual appeal to painting but are also needed for outlining major and minor details in a painting. One of the best things about digital art is that you can create and use any color in any hue. The color can be saved which allows the artist to use it whenever needed.

Moreover, digital software gives the flexibility to change a color that has already been painted and replace it with another shade or color altogether. Such ease and flexibility are not possible with the traditional form of painting.


  • Digital art enables artists to work in layers. Layers can be thought of as transparent sheets that are stacked over the canvas. Each layer gives a separate drawing space to the artist. When all components of the drawing are completed, the layers are stacked over each other and you can get a complete sense of the drawing.

The biggest advantage of working in layers is that if one component of the drawing needs some alteration, the changes will be made in that one layer, and the rest of the drawing will not be affected.


  • To create precision, proportions, and uniformity in your art, you can use the symmetry tool. When you click this tool, a line will appear on the screen which will help you find proportions in your drawing.

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