Art has always been an integral part of human civilization. It has been used to express ideas, thoughts and convey emotions. Multiple tools and mediums have been used to picturise art. Previously these tools have been paints, chalks, colors, rocks, pencils, pastels, watercolors, and clay. Advancements in modern technology have brought forth a new form of art which is digital art.

Digital art is the creation of art using different modes of technology such as digital painting, sculpting, animation, and VR. Some orthodox artists do not favor digital art and consider it fake, shallow, and lacking the true essence of art. However, this is a limited opinion and the truth is that digital art has revolutionized the artistic landscape. It is faster and cheaper to create and a lot easier to share and convey.

Let us take a look at the pros of digital art and how it surpasses traditional art in multiple ways.

Pros of Digital Art

The digital art software offers a lot of flexibility in terms of creating and tailoring art. Not only do they offer a whole range of tools to work with such as regular brush, watercolor brush, pencil tool with different opacities, the software also allows you to redo your work over and again.

Some of the most amazing features offered by digital software are:

  • Layers: Layers allow you to work on multiple components of the same painting in different digital spaces. When the components are tailored and finalized, they can be brought together by turning on all layers. In this way, changes can be made in one layer without affecting the overall appeal of the whole drawing. Such flexibility is not possible with traditional art.
  • Digital software allows you to undo and redo the progress you make. Creating the perfect art requires some hit and trial and this is where the undo and redo options come in handy.

Costs Less in the Long Run

The two most important digital art supplies are a digital art tablet and versatile software. A high-end tablet will cost you quite a lot, but it will be a one-time cost. Once the electronic gadget has been purchased, it will last you for multiple years, granted it is taken care of.

  • The same goes for digital software. Most software have a one-time subscription cost which may seem quite a lot in the beginning but it will last you for an eternity. With traditional art, you require art supplies such as brushes, colors, and canvass every now and then. This can cost a lot more in the long run.

Come With A Lot of Handy Tools

Digital painting software is stocked with a lot of handy tools that facilitate the process of drawing and help create amazing art. Some of these tools are:

Canvas Resize

  • This tool allows you to customize the canvas in a way that the picture fits in on it no matter how big or small the original picture is. Through this tool, you can use unlimited space to accommodate your drawing.

Canvas Rotation:

Using this tool, you can create perfect arches, curves, and circles. The digital canvas would curve along with the movement of your wrist which is not possible with traditional art.

Applying Filters, Making Color Adjustments

  • All digital software is equipped with multiple filters that can change the color, brightness, contrast, and hue of the drawing in a jiffy. They can fix minor issues and give a new color to the picture instantly. While we agree that color adjustments are somewhat like cheat codes, who doesn’t love the ease and convenience they bring?!

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