The horizons of the digital world are expanding and the demand for digital artists is increasing rapidly. Digital artists are needed to draw illustrations, animations, graphics, and much more. Traditionally, digital artists were required for drawing graphics for video games. But now, almost every corporate sector needs a skilled digital artist.

In this article, we will explore a number of unconventional and lucrative career options for digital artists.

  1. As A Medical Animator

  • Against the backdrop of the novel Coronavirus, the medical field has undergone rapid expansion. To educate the masses about different aspects of this virus, medical staff are taking the help of digital art and artists. Digital artists are needed to create illustrations, videos, graphics, and animations that explain the working of Coronavirus, threats posed by it, and precautions to take.

Even the most complex scientific and medical processes such as the working of the human heart, gestation process of an unborn child or the network of blood vessels that runs through our bodies can be simplified and explained easily through infographics, animations and videos. Hence, skilled medical animators are much in demand these days.

2. Comic Book Artist

  • Comic books have been popular for as long as we can remember. The animations are the main point of attraction for comic books. A couple of decades ago, these books featured hand drawn comics. However, now the publishers are making full use of digital tools and digital artists available.

Many comic books now feature digitally drawn art which is interesting and captivating. If you are a skilled digital artist with a flair for storytelling through art, then you should consider a career as a comic book artist. Ity not only pays well, but is also a super fun and exciting position.

3. Legal Animator

  • Believe it or not, digital artists are needed by the legal fraternity as well. Sometimes, to adjudicate fairly and unbiasedly, court requires visual storytelling to recapture an incident that had occured in the past. For e.g. the defender claims that the offender pushed him into a wall, which caused breakage of his nose.

A legal animator will be required to draw an accurate video of the incident. A visual presentation of the incident will enable the jury to better understand the situation at hand and assess the specifics of the case more accurately. If you enjoy crime solving shows like CSI, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds and have a flair for digital art, then consider a career as a legal administrator.

4. Architectural 3D Model

  • Most architects use detailed CAD drawings and 2D models as the basis of their work. However, 3D modeling presents a far more accurate picture of the structure that has to be built and established. A 3D model of the building enables architects to make exact calculations and understand the problems accurately.

Digital artists are needed to draw accurate and to-the-point 3D models. Architectural 3D modelers create live models of a building’s blueprint. 3D models bring speed, accuracy and control to the architectural design and process. Architects can run real time simulations and understand different aspects of architectural designs in a much better way.

  • If buildings and structures inspire you and you are good with calculations then consider a career as an architectural 3D modeler.

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