Concept Art Academy

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of Concept Art Academy - now live on Digital Painting Studio! This is the culmination of all of my professional and teaching experience distilled into a 12 week, career launching master class. Early student work has been incredible and it's so gratifying to see this year+ long project finally up and running and helping artists reach their professional goals.

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Helping Artists Launch Careers

Since I started teaching concept art and digital painting in 2016, I've come to realize that there are some key pieces missing from 90% of the portfolios out there. Even highly talented artists aren't getting the career leads or the recognition in their work that they deserve because of these gaps in their process - Concept Art Academy can fix that. Believe it or not, there are some really simple design and painting principles that can lead to immediate, difference-making improvement in your work.

Art Director Point of View

Our entire approach to creating concept art will be centered around the only viewer of your work who matters - your potential client! I have come to realize certain elements that art directors are really looking for in a concept art portfolio and every lecture, exercise and project in this course is designed to highlight those elements in your portfolio. Make your work look elite - get picked and launch a career!

Project-Based, Industry-Focused Learning

We learn to do by doing! Concept Art Academy has 23 step-by-step full course projects AND a comprehensive exercise library on how to paint virtually anything! Tools, techniques and brushes for everything from basics like value & texture to more complex items like painting liquids, architecture and machinery. Keep this priceless library handy forever - it's a lifetime access course!

• If you are looking for an effective, affordable alternative to the insanity of art school...

• If your work seems stuck at a certain level...

• If you are trying to start a creative career but you just can't seem to break in...

Concept Art Academy can help

Grab your stylus and let's paint your world!