Welcome to Digital Painting Studio

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Welcome to Digital Painting Studio.

An online art school that brings the power of the digital art medium to your fingertips.

My name is Hardy Fowler. I’m a professional illustrator and concept artist and I absolutely love my job. I get to come to work and paint cool stuff on my computer every day. Back during my student years, I would have thought this kind of a career was only an impossible dream.

I went down the traditional university art major path but, even with a degree at the end of four years, I didn’t feel proficient enough in any art medium to get a job as a professional artist. It was only through years of trial and error and learning painful lessons from my mistakes that I was able to gather enough experience & art wisdom to be able to create marketable artwork at an efficient enough pace to be profitable.

Digital Painting Studio distills years of art education and professional experience into a series of fun, inspiring and succinct courses that will have you creating artwork at a higher level than you could have ever imagined. All without years spent in a classroom.


• For those considering art school but are worried about investing so much money or time in a degree that doesn’t guarantee a good job.

• For anyone stuck in a unsatisfying job who might be wondering if they could have had a career in art.

• For the young professionals who just aren’t getting the kinds of assignments or pay that they want.

• For anyone with a talent and passion for art who just can’t make the time to pursue it and let it grow into something more - I am speaking to YOU!

Don’t give up on art! You just might be missing out on a dream career and a chance to live your passion. Don’t let that young artist who used to draw in the margins of their textbooks die! You can do this.

Are you in?