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What Are Some of the Top Jobs in Digital Painting?

The 21st century is touted as the century of Information Technology (IT). The rapid increase in IT has ushered in an era of digitization. Constantly competing for attention, the digital world needs beautiful, eye-catching content to keep the audience captivated. As the saying goes: ‘Content is...


What are The Top Tools for Digital Painting in 2021?

With every passing day, the world is becoming increasingly digital. Digital platforms are gaining popularity and more people turn to them to access information. Digital platforms thrive on good quality digital art. Digital art delivers information in an interesting and understandable...


The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones - Thriving as a Digital Artist in 2020 Lately it seems like we get empathy-sprinkled communications from corporations every day - In these strange and uncertain times, now more than ever... BUY OUR PRODUCT. This is not one of those! Today, let's talk about how to turn...


General Support

Hello and welcome to all students! Please use this thread for any technical questions you may have about the site or about using Adobe Photoshop. Consider this general technical support. I've tried to make everything as clear as possible in the course videos, but if you need me to clarify...


Suggestions & Requests

Is there a new course or video that you would love to see? Is there something that we could be doing to improve your learning experience? Let us know! Hearing from our students is the only way we can make this site better.


Art Board

Let's talk art! Post your artwork here for constructive feedback from instructors and your fellow students. We're going to see some awesome stuff and some huge improvements in this thread. I'll try to comment on every post here in a timely fashion and I invite everything to join the discussion...